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Monday, June 25, 2012

On My Birthday

Sequence>>>Celebrating Birthday with My 2 Besties

Right after watching movie...

Let's get sweat... Orissa's Idea
With Twin!!! -at Roof Top, One Utama

Happy Birthday!!! XD At the entrance...

Let's get started

Dang PALE... Joining Cullen's Team...

Done with the "Rough" part...

With The Team Manager...

At Secret Garden...

Gastronimic delights... With Besties.

Last but not least...

Thanks to our GENEROUS Best Girlfriend for the GREAT DAY!!! Cik Orissa

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chamomile Tea

Well, I don’t know much about chamomile as me and my family haven’t used it in any of our cooks. Since it’s not something that we can’t plant it at the back of our house, I believe most Malaysian does not have any idea on how to use it. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know much about chamomile but I enjoy having chamomile tea during my breakfast or tea-time. Something about chamomile that I wanted to share with you...

Starts with what is chamomile.
It is one of the most popular herbs in the world, available in a variety of forms. There are two main a types of Chamomile: Roman and German. Roman chamomile is native to Western Europe and North Africa, flowering in late spring or early July. German chamomile, which was used to make beer, and is indigenous to western Asia.
Chamomile has a distinctly applelike taste and aroma. In fact, the word "Chamomile" as we now know it comes from the ancient Greek kamai-melon, or "ground apple." The Spanish call Chamomile "Manzanilla"-- or "little apple." A leisurely stroll through the famous Chamomile Lawn of Buckingham Palace is sure to provide this sensation. In the olden days, people called chamomile the "Plant's Physician," because they claimed that it was such a good companion plant. It's been said that if you plant chamomile near a drooping or sickly plant, in nine cases out of ten, the plant will recover.

Chamomile Tea.
Chamomile tea has been used as a healing drink for centuries so it's no wonder that it is estimated that over 1 million cups are ingested every day. The medicinal properties of this tea are wide and many, but perhaps the best known is its ability to help you relax.

Chamomile Tea for Children.
Some natural medicine books recommend using chamomile tea for children and the does should be half of the adult dose. Make sure you let your child’s doctor know before you give him chamomile tea.

Uses of Chamomile Tea
1) Home Treatment for Stomach Cramps
Chamomile has been discovered to contain fairly strong antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory constituents. Therefore, it is seen to be effective in treating stomach and intestinal cramps. Simply make a cup of Chamomile tea following your directions for the package and drink it twice daily until while symptoms can be found (single serving first thing in the morning, then one later in the day).

2) Home Treatment for Insomnia
Chamomile is wonderful treatment for sleep problems for example insomnia. Simply make a chamomile tea 30-45 minutes before you go to bed to deal with sleeplessness.

3) Home Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Chamomile reduces cramping and pain inside the bowels and even helps relieve excessive gas and bloating inside the intestines. Therefore, an easy remedy would be to drink a cup of chamomile tea to aid relieve irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, and gastroenteritis or stomach flu.

4) Home Treatment for Migraine Headaches
Chamomile is a fantastic cure for migraines. Have a cup of tea when you begin noticing the symptoms of a migraine headache. It functions best if you take it before the headache actually gets severe.

5) Home Treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Menstrual Cramps
Drinking chamomile tea has been discovered to be valuable in treating PMS and Menstrual Cramps.

6) Using Chamomile to deal with Burns and Scrapes
Chamomile oil is incredibly beneficial in treating bad burns. Simple rub a tiny bit of oil gently across the burned area once daily. For scrapes and burns you may also brew a strong concoction with the addition of 3 tea bags to a single cup of boiling water. Once the water cools, dip a cloth in it and use it as a compress upon the wounded area.

7) Lightening Skin Using Chamomile
Chamomile has been discovered to be advantageous for lightening skin tone. Simply bring two quarts of water to a boil with 2 chamomile tea bags in it. Then place your face above the steaming pot of chamomile tea. A shower in water combined with chamomile tea works too.

8) Reducing Dark Circles Around Eyes
Chamomile tea has been discovered to aid relieve eye fatigue and dark circles. An effective remedy will be to dip 2 chamomile tea bags in hot water. After 5 minutes, get rid of the tea bags from the water and allow them to cool to room temperature. Then position them on your own eyes during the night as a compress.

9) Anti-cold
Chamomile have increased resistance properties and helps fight colds thanks to its antibacterial properties

10) Control diabetes
A study in pharmacy, University of Toyama, Japan has shown that by consuming the chamomile tea everyday helps to prevent the phenomenon of excessive high blood sugar and the complications of diabetes.

11) Prevent Development of cancer
As for this, no successful research had been found.

12) Lose Weight
By consuming ONLY chamomile tea to lose weight is not enough. Chamomile tea itself will not cause significant weight loss and must be combined with a sensible diet and regular exercise to effectively burn fat and increase fitness.

Effects of Chamomile Tea.
Although this tea is fairly safe, some can have severe allergic reactions. If you suffer allergies such as ragweed or hayfever, it might be best to avoid drinking chamomile tea. People with Asthma should drink chamomile tea with caution. Although it is said chamomile tea can help relieve the pain of labor, it is not advisable to drink a lot of it during pregnancy as it may cause uterine contractions. Besides, it is regarded as being an abortifacient (a substance that induces abortion). Chamomile is also not advised in case you are currently taking blood thinners, since chamomile contains a substance known as coumarin (also is a blood thinner).

How do I get all this info? I did ask Mr. Google for helps and you can read more on chamomile from;

That's all for now... XD

Celebrating Birthday with My 2 Besties...

Hmmmm... My birthday, was not so bad... Celebrating with the 2 coolest peeps in life. Having so much fun. From the movie, we played softball relaxing our mind by visiting secret garden and enjoying our tea at Garden. Such a nice view, fun activities and sweet memory to remember.

Dear Twin, a happy birthday to you. And special thanks to my beloved and precious frien. Thanks for making my day. You are the SUPERFRIEND!!! Love you both! Mwahhhhhhhhhh!!! I'll post all the cheerful photos later... XD

Friday, June 22, 2012

23rd June

It's my birthday... I don't like it before... and now either. I'm not sure in future. All I know now I hate my birthday SO MUCH!!!

fuul of tears... and sorrow... Oh, feeling a bit depress since tomorrow is D-Day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trip to Taman Negara with BFF

Last minutes plan. To TAMAN NEGARA, Pahang!!! Me and my best friend went to Taman Negara from 8-10 June 2012. Just the two of us.

6 hours journey... 3 hours from KL to Jerantut by bus. Another 3 hours from Jerantut to Taman Negara by boat. Yeah, it's tiring. Spending 75% of time by sleeping. Hahahaha...

Why we choose going to Taman Negara by bus and boat? Because none of us were willing to drive there. We paid the full-board package and let the agent plan for us. From the transportation to accommodation, activites and meals. Enjoying our adventurous vacation with nothing to be worried about.

The thick jungle of Taman Negara seriously not let you apart from your "work" as your colleagues still can get you. To receive call and SMS is not impossible even though you're busy with jungle trekking, boating and even learning how the orang asli make fire and use the blowpipe, duh!!!

Frustrated because I didn't bring own camera but thanks to Orissa for the piece of photo that she snap while we walking on hundreds meter from ground (Canopy Walk).

On our second night at Taman Negara, we get to know young man from Japan. Yeah, he's good looking, friendly and alone. What's best about him... I can clearly understand words that came out from his mouth. He can speak English well! It's not like my English is so darn good but I've always have problem with the accent. I think that it is difficult to understand when Japanese speak in English. I'm not being racist but this is what I feel. No offence.

On our last day, we're having our breakfast with the Japanese guy. Hahahaha... Feeling of not going back to KL while waving to him was so... hmmm... Oh, 5 hours to KL by boat and bus... Again, sleeping time!!!

Moral of the story, don't forget to bring along your camera if you're interested to go to Taman Negara. Even though you'll be charged RM5 for the camera but who cares??? Telling others your experience without any photos, is like something missing.

XD Peace!!!

The Photos: Dabong, Kelantan

My trip to Dabong, Kelantan... and few places that we stopped by...

Our Hotel:

Just arrived. Tea time...


Highest Waterfall!!!

The Chalet @Gunung Stong

The Train Station (KTM Dabong Station)

Late Night Shopper @KTM Dabong Station

Bukit Bunga

Rantau Panjang. Busy Shopping. Not much photos taken. Sorry... X(

On the way back to Subang...


That's all for now! XD

Dabong, Kelantan

Went for my BFF's wedding last month (June 1, 2012). My long journey to Kelantan. My very first time to Kelantan and it was so...

The road, not like what we have in KL. Big hole here and there. Traffic jam for about few kilometers with only two lanes was not a big deal for the local people. Even my kampung got better road.

Dabong??? Do we really have place named Dabong in Malaysia? Well, you may find by Google it, duh! XD

Nothing much about Dabong to share.

1) The wedding ceremony was way too simple. No kompang. No bunga manggar. But the food was not so bad.
2) Gunung Stong. Enjoy the scenery of highest waterfall! they also provides challet for visitor. Clean.
3) Food. Nasi berlauk and nasi kerabu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't they have any other menu? Some food stall did sell roti canai but in limited quantity. If you're late, you've got nothing.
4) Pasar malam. I don't know what the local people call it but it's like pasar malam at my place. The only different is they started from 4pm and end at 7pm. They did sell clothes, foods, groceries, and etc.
5) Train station. Yeah, we stay at the hotel opposite the train station. Thanks to the 24/7 operated train station, me and my friend can get late night snacks at the mini mart nearby.

On our way back to Subang, my dear BFF and her husband bring us to Rantau Panjang to shop since this is my very first time to Kelantan. Hot weather. Sweating like @#$%. Continue our journey back home at 12+pm. Oh, we stopped at Bukit Bunga before heading to Rantau Panjang. I bought 3 packs of Keropok Ikan for Mama... XD

Traffic jam from Raub to Genting Sempah. I've been sleeping like dead bear for 6 hours. We stop at Genting Sempah for dinner. Safely arrived at... almost 10pm.

Thanks to my dear BFF and husband for the trip & hospitality. Also for the good experience!!! XD