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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tribute to ALL My Dearest Friends

Lucky to have friends who can wipe out my tears
Glad to have friends who can pull me out from the darkness
Grateful to have friends who hear me even when there is no voices

You always be with me even we are apart
You always shine on me even there is so much clouds
Honored to say that you got space in my heart

Thanks for being such a good friend...


In life we will not always having a good time
It is the fact
In life we should also enjoy the bad time
It is like adding new flavor in our life

By looking at life in a different perspective will lead to your so called perfect life
Even if it is not so perfect but can consider it is just perfect

Human will always dissatisfied with everything
Well, it is just a human things
As we been given perfect brain to think
We have the opportunity to invent and modify almost everything
Being thankful wil just keep you smiling

The Feeling Inside Me...

I'm happy to be myself even though sometimes I feel like dying
I am happy to be me as being pretender is DAMN exhausting
I am happy doing my things with no people interupting
All I ever want is to be happy with anything

I am happy to be sad and disappointed
I am happy to be alone
I am happy to have all those kind of feeling as it makes me feel normal